Are you currently searching for your dream vehicle? Perhaps you've visited plenty of dealerships only to leave unsatisfied. Arizona Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Safford takes the customer experience further by allowing you to custom order your vehicle.

That's right. By utilizing our online tool, you can construct the vehicle you truly desire from the make, model, and year. Naturally, there's much more to it than this, so let's dive in.

Custom Order Process

Due to the sheer number of customizations possible, it can be easy to get lost in the options. Having some idea of a budget and the type of vehicle you're looking for will help simplify the process.

After you've decided on a price range and possibly have settled on the vehicle you desire, you'll want to use the navigational tools to make your way to the car of your choice. Note that this tool is friendly toward our neighbors in Wilcox. Anyone can place an order.

We're at the exciting part now. Once you've located the brand and model you desire, vehicle trims, if applicable, will show. Our dealership is capable of fulfilling custom orders for several popular models, including the familiar:

  • Dodge Charger SXT
  • Dodge Charger GT
  • Dodge Charger R/T
  • Dodge Charger Scat Pack
  • Dodge Charger Scat Pack Widebody
  • Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Widebody
  • Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Redeye Widebody
  • Dodge Charger SRT Jailbreak

But we aren't done yet. Not only do we have these options available, but we have them available in over twelve colors. Morenci adrenaline seekers, want an SRT Jailbreak with indigo blue exterior paint? We can make it happen.

Additional Customizations

Although our factory custom order tool is designed to cover most customizations, you may find yourself wanting additional features, such as heated seats, all-wheel-drive capabilities, and more. Using the comment section, you can include any further information.

Even if you forget to include the extra amenities, a sales consultant will follow up with you via text, e-mail, or in-person to ensure you requested all you desire.

Financing Your Custom Order

If you've placed your custom order and are looking for financing, our dealership can assist you with the process. Our finance experts are equipped with the skills and resources available to help you finance the vehicle of your dreams. We assist guests from Thatcher and all over, treating each case specially.

Whether you're looking for a lease or a loan, we'll walk you through the process. We don't require payment beyond the 100-dollar custom order deposit fee when ordering. This gives you plenty of time to work with us to figure out financing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about custom ordering that wasn't answered earlier in the piece? Our FAQ section will help answer any of those lingering questions.

How Will I Be Updated on My Custom Order?

Our dealership will update you on the estimated arrival date of your custom order. Once your vehicle has arrived at the dealership, we'll contact you to finalize any additional information, such as payment, pick-up, or delivery to a beautiful Tucson home.

How Long Will My Custom Order Take?

The length of time in which your vehicle is constructed depends on various factors; however, most orders are complete within 4 to 12 weeks.

Place Your Order Today

Our team at Arizona Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Safford is ecstatic to receive your custom factory order . We look forward to working with you to ensure a remarkable experience.

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