The question about how to find a used vehicle you can count on has finally been answered. At Arizona Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Safford, AZ, we offer you an entire inventory of pre-owned vehicles that are CARFAX® Certified One-Owner. That means the esteemed experts at CARFAX have declared that the designated vehicles have had only one owner based on official state vehicle registration and ownership records.

Why CARFAX® Certified One Owner vehicles are worth paying more for

It's no surprise that a CARFAX® Certified One Owner car will have a higher price tag. CARFAX knows how to include the extra value that's inherently built into a one-owner car. But that's a relatively small extra investment that's well worth making. A CARFAX One Owner car has been through fewer owners and is more likely to have had consistent, regular maintenance than other cars. Those are some very good qualities to find in a used car.

When a car has had many owners, it might have many problems

We would be the first to say that, just because a car has had several owners, it doesn't automatically make that a car you shouldn't buy. If each owner did regular maintenance and took good care of the car, it might be a perfectly good choice as a used vehicle. If you can find some CARFAX maintenance records, that would help.

But all too often, a car goes through several owners because it's developed some issues and nobody really fixed them properly. In those cases, each subsequent owner might drive the car for a while, discover mechanical problems and, instead of spending the money to correct the problems, each owner might just get rid of the car and figure "I'll just let somebody else deal with this." Eventually, that somebody else could be you.

A car with just one owner is more likely to have had the maintenance it needs

Obviously the fact that a car had only one owner doesn't guarantee that person took great care of the car. But the more owners a vehicle has, the more the odds increase that someone will neglect the factory-recommended maintenance that every car, truck and SUV needs for long-term health. That's why it makes sense for buyers from Wilcox and Thatcher, AZ to shop for CARFAX® One Owner models at Arizona Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram.

CARFAX even gives you a look at a car's maintenance history

That's another extremely valuable thing about a CARFAX One Owner model. You'll also get a CARFAX Vehicle History Report that lists all the service and maintenance that's been reported to CARFAX for that vehicle. While that may not include everything that was done, it gives you a much clearer idea of how the vehicle has been maintained. A car that shows regular maintenance is more likely to be one that's been cared for properly.

A one-owner car will usually have had a more consistent driving style

When a car gets driven by a lot of different people, it can be hard on that vehicle. One or two owners might drive carefully but another owner might drive the car hard, wearing out components like brake pads, rotors and more. With a CARFAX One Owner car, that vehicle has probably had just one primary driver and, if it was a good driver, maybe someone from Tucson or Morenci, AZ, that can help give a car a longer life expectancy.

Take a good look at our CARFAX One Owner models

Get all the potential reliability and performance benefits of a CARFAX Certified One Owner car by looking for them in our pre-owned inventory. When you identify one you especially like, contact us to schedule an appointment soon at Arizona Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Safford, AZ.

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