The terrain in many locations can impact an average vehicle's speed, horsepower, and torque. If you drive a Jeep Compass, you'll never have to worry about terrain problems that could ruin engine performance because this automobile has a tactical Terrain Traction Management System.

Most environmental hazards can decrease an automobile's performance in different ways. Rocks decrease handling when they lodge between tires, snow affects stability and speed, and mud reduces grip and traction. The Jeep Compass's traction management system has manual settings for these terrains and a feature that makes changes automatically. You can switch modes conveniently while driving the Compass, and you'll always know what option is selected because there are indicator lights on a panel in the cabin.

A test drive is a simple way to test the Terrain Management System's Auto setting. In Safford, AZ, you could set up a quick test drive session in a new or used Jeep Compass at Arizona Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram.

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