Protecting Your Wheels

Sometimes, there will be repairs to your vehicle that could be costly. One of these repairs could be associated with your tires or the wheels of your vehicle. Mopar Vehicle Protection offers coverage in the event that your tires are damaged while you're driving. The coverage extends to the balancing of new tires and stem replacement as well.

Coverage is good for up to seven years. All of your tires are covered under the protection. There are plans available that are of a shorter length of time. Common damages that occur from driving over potholes in Safford, AZ or running over curbs are covered.

If your tires cannot be repaired, then they will be replaced. Aftermarket tires and wheels can be replaced as well, but there could be limits as to the price associated with the tires and wheels. Arizona Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram can offer information about the market costs and the best way to get the maximum benefit from the protection plan.

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